What is a Radiant Cut Diamond?

A radiant cut diamond is a type of diamond cut, which you can recognize by it’s trimmed corners. It’s one of the most sought-after gemstones for producing jewelry.


It is the first square cut which has a complete brilliant-cut surface pattern when it is applied to the crown and the pavilion. The trimmed corners also make the diamond appear like a bridge between a princess cut and a cushion cut. When it is set with a baguette or a round cut diamond, it creates a beautiful combination. The trimmed corners of the diamond reduce the risks of it chipping off or breaking – making it ideal for jewelry such as rings.


Shape of the Radiant Cut Diamond


There are different choices of shape available for you to pick from if you want to get a radiant cut diamond. There is the perfectly square type of length to width ratio of 1.00, as a ratio of 1.05 or a lesser value will look like it is square to the bare eyes. This square radiant cut has a lot of similarity to the princess cut but it comes with cropped corners. Once the diamond is set, the square cut and the princess cut always look identical because the corners are covered by the prongs. There is also the more traditional rectangle radiant cut which is a brilliant choice for anyone that has a preference for an emerald shape cut, but still wants the brilliance of something round.


The Colors of Radiant Cut Available to choose from


Evaluation of the color in a radiant cut diamond is subjective. Most of the people that buy radiant cut diamonds have a preference for the G-H diamonds which has a slightly warmer color over the D-F diamond which is cool and colorless. The law of demand and supply is actually what determines the premium in value that is related to the diamonds which occupies the color scale higher ends. The customers that want the D-F color grade don’t mind paying a premium to have it. Without the diamond color grading, the premium value for the higher grades would have been much lower.


Evaluation of the Clarity of a Radiant Cut Diamond


In evaluating the clarity of a radiant cut diamond, it is subjective. The GIA Diamond Cut Scale is good for evaluating the clarity of the diamond as it takes into account the craftsmanship and the design of the diamond including the girdle thickness, the weight relative to the diameter of the diamond, the quality of polish and the symmetry of the diamonds facet arrangement.


The value also depends on personal preference. Some customers are content with an inclusion if they are not able to see it with the naked eye. However, other customers can insist on a diamond whose appearance is technically flawless. Due to the brilliance of a radiant cut, it is more forgiving of inclusions, particularly when you look at it without any magnifier.


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