Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite engagement rings are a novel, modern and more ethical alternative to the usual diamond engagement rings and are a great way to symbolise the significance of marriage. In nature, Moissanite is an extremely rare mineral, and has so far been found either near to diamond, which it is so similar too, or in meteorites! However, a company have recently developed a chemical method of making Moissanite from scratch and, as such, a 'forever brilliant' Moissanite engagement ring comes with a lifetime warranty certificate which states that the stone will not lose its shine or brilliance over time; as proven by hundreds of lab tests.


Indeed, Moissanite is the most brilliant mineral on Earth, being far more brilliant than diamond, tougher than diamond and more heat resistant than diamond, meaning that it will shine brighter when set into a piece of jewellery and it can be cast into more intricate jewellery designs as higher temperatures can be used in the crafting process. This also means that the precise cut and shaping of the Moissanite stone is so consistent that every jewel's brilliance will be at its best.  All in all, Moissanite is not merely an ethical substitute for diamond, it is arguably a better mineral than diamond for use and look in jewellery, especially when creating spectacular engagement rings to last a lifetime of marriage.


Moissanite engagement rings come in a wide variety of different designs and are available in yellow gold, white gold, silver and platinum with the number of Moissanite stones in each ring differing with each design; the carat, or size, of the Moissanite gems can be decided to personal choice too. If a client has a special design in mind or has any specific requirements regarding their engagement ring, an entirely custom design can be made to order for a Moissanite engagement ring.


Whether thinking of marriage or planning a wedding, at one of the most important times of life, an engagement or wedding should be celebrated with the most spectacular engagement ring possible; a Moissanite engagement ring. A wedding is the best day of a person's life and a stunning Moissanite ring will not only make it a memorable day it will also make for a stunning wedding outfit with the brilliance of the gems. Moissanite engagement and wedding rings are the perfect choice for those special moments in life, making a wonderful wedding.


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