Get up to 208% cashback when buying diamonds!


A jewelry company

is a business for everyone

Jewelry company ELEMENTS 5 (became Cancri Jewelry )offers customers to buy precious stones to create a custom jewelry piece. Making purchases online from anywhere in the world - you automatically become a member of the project and earn cashback on your purchase.


On the platform of personal account first you need to choose the type of product: Diamond or Moissanite. Then, you choose the Package with Bonus Program according to which you will get credit to your Balance.


Payment of purchases and withdrawal of bonuses are made with the help of cryptocurrency.

Diamonds and Moissanites

Bonuses are paid to clients throughout the year. Diamond = 208%, Moissanite = 364%. At the end of 12 months of the purchase - payments stop.

Each client can pick up their goods at any time:

with delivery;

during conferences and tours;

buy in a jewelry house.


Thanks to the unique system of bonuses and connection of the referral payment, the company "ELEMENTS 5" creates a speed of sales, provokes a high demand for jewelry, diamonds and moissanites. And this, in turn, provides the company with long-term and successful development.




12% per month

payment weekly



17% payment monthly



12% per month

payment weekly

21% payment monthly





21% per month

payment weekly



30% payment monthly



21% per month

payment weekly

34% payment monthly

In the world of precious stones, this is the fifth element. Payback within 3 months!


The standard bonus program works with reference to the calendar month. By choosing the most advantageous “standard” packages, you will receive your first payout on the first day of the next month.

Partner program

You receive a payment from each purchase in your network: from the purchase of a personal partner — according to the status in the company, from the lines of your partners — the difference between the statuses.


To activate ranks, starting with Leader status, you must make a personal purchase. Your affiliate fee depends on the total turnover of your organization.

Senior Manager

Network turnover $1000

Bonus 7%


Network turnover $300

Bonus 6%


Network turnover $100

Bonus 5%


Referral payment system. PAYMENT of referral fee EVERY DAY Your network's turnover includes the purchases of all partners that you and your team invite.

Unlimited rewards

Eements 5 have created a unique reward system. You get an additional payment for the turnover of your teams and the motivation to create new teams

For each additional team +25% bonus!

For example: 4th Leader in the first line brings = $250 bonus.

The 5th Leader in the first line also brings a bonus = $250.

Upon reaching the 2nd AWARD, 4,5,6 and 7 Senior Mentors in the first line - each brings a bonus of $ 2500 (25% of the amount of the second bonus of $ 10,000).


Earning X2

Get another +20% of your purchases every month! When implementing the X2 program in the personal volume of purchases, the company gives the client + 20%.


In the working online account, the program calculates your next amount, as well as the amount of the payment. It is paid on the first day of the next month.


Attention! If you complete the X2 program for 6 months, the company rewards you with another fee in the amount of 10% of your total purchases!

Elements 5 logistics partners

The company has chosen 5 locations for its own jewelry shopping centers. These are five different continents. The first opening will take place in the Republic of Panama, the country of origin of ELEMENTS 5.


Delivery is carried out in the amount of $ 1000. To do this, you need to create an application in your personal account "ELEMENTS 5".

Elements 5 works exclusively with trusted partners in the premium segment of the aviation industry and tourism to organize business travel for our clients.

Why do you need to become a partner of Elements 5 Club?




Reliable contribution

Real cashback

Quality products

Buying jewelry gems from Elements5 Club, it remains with you. You can buy moissanites or diamonds in the jewelry store or online store at any time.

The company cooperates with more than 50 world Brands - manufacturers of luxury jewelry gems The network of jewelry stores is actively expanding in Italy, France, Spain and other countries

Cashback for buying jewelry gems:


- 17% per month or 208% per annum when buying diamonds;


- 30% per month or 364% per annum when buying moissanites


Today, "Elements 5 Club" is the standard of the best quality, which has been tested over the years.


Jewelry gems manufactured by the world's leading manufacturers in accordance with International standards and confirmed by the availability of certificates.




Stable payments

Passive income

Permanent bonuses

and gifts

Your cashback is credited to your account every week/month throughout the year in equal installments according to your percentage fixed at the time of purchase.

You receive bonuses from your purchases on weekly without your active participation. If you wish, you can share information with people and earn an additional 5% or more of the commission for your recommendation.

Due to the enormous rapid growth of the company's popularity among buyers, Elements 5 Club has the opportunity not only to reward participants in the form of a cashback, but also to thank them for their trust by holding regular promotions and raffles of valuable prizes.

How to buy Elements 5 jewelry gems?


Register on the official site

Registration is simple and free, like in any online store. Enter your email or phone number, full name and any password you come up with. You will receive a confirmation code on your email or phone, which is also needed on the site.


Buy in a store or online store

Buy moissanites or diamonds in the store if it is already open in your city or online in your personal account.


Get cashback

You will receive a cashback of up to 364% for the purchase of goods in equal installments during the year (once a week or once a month) to the payment system, which you specify in the personal cabinet.


Where does ELEMENTS 5 profit come from?



We will reveal all the cards of the jewelry business.


Consider the example of buying a Diamond: purchase price of 1 carat = $800, sale price = $10,000. The average extra charge on a stone is 1250%.

The company shares profits with the client: cashback - max 208%, payments throughout the year. Company profit - 1042%. This is enough for business development and scaling of outlets.


Buying a Moissanite stone: purchase price = $200, selling price = $2000. Markup - 1000%. Cashback - max 364%, payments throughout the year.636% ELEMENTS 5 puts into circulation. Buys a new product, opens retail outlets, pays salaries to the team.

Elements 5 diamonds

The appeal of precious jewelry is reinforced by its financial benefits. They allow you to capitalize and increase your income.


A diamond is considered a luxury, high-margin commodity. Diamonds constantly increasing in value (adding up to 6% annually).

Elements 5 moissanites

Moissanite. A real breakthrough in the jewelry industry. First-class brilliance and special characteristics surpassing the jewelry and physical parameters of diamonds. Light refraction is 25% better. High hardness allows to keep ideal cut and polish for many years. As an investment, it is much more accessible than a diamond, which makes it possible to make money on its purchase, starting with a minimal investment.

List of stores and dealerships Elements 5

Elements 5 jewelry store addresses:


Element 5 Club are preparing to open 6 trading jewelry houses in 2022. In Dubai, Milan, Barcelona, Paris, Mexico City, Bangkok.

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Elements 5 Jewelry stores coming soon:


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